Install Ubuntu 20.04 LST on Oracle VM VirtualBox

  • Download the desired version of Ubuntu image from the official site:
  • Create a new VM:

  • Settings of VM:
    • Modify boot order:

    • General:

    • System:

    • Display:
      Maximize the Video Memory to prevent booting into black screen.

    • Storage:
      • Select Optical Drive > Choose the virtual optical disk file which downloaded at first step.
    • Customize Shared Folder:
      To share files between your host system and virtual machine.

Start the virtual machine and install Ubuntu through virtual optical disk

Press ENTER to remove the medium and continue booting.

  • Set up a proxy server if needed:

How to active the Shared Clipboard?

  • Devices > Insert Guest Additions CD Image

Fix the error when inserting the Guest Additions CD Image

Simply unmount the existing CD image, then it would be able to insert again for the autorun.

How to configure apt behind proxy server

  • Create/Edit apt.conf:
    sudo vi /etc/apt/apt.conf

  • Insert content below in apt.conf, then we’re all set.
    Acquire::http::Proxy "";
  • Check your proxy settings:
    $ env | grep proxy`
    # https_proxy=
    # http_proxy=
    # no_proxy=localhost,,::1

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